The First Esoteric and Exoteric Online School

"We are born pure in essence but get tainted by so many ideals, behaviors,
events, and people that we move away from our true selves and forget who we truly are.
We all go through a conditioning imposed by society, family, peers… because that is our human initiation. 
However, our conditioning ultimately costs us our birthright to joy, freedom, peace, and love.
Don’t be a spiritual person – Just be free."

Hi, welcome to BenLifeChanger School, I'm Ben and will be your guide to become a Jedi Master

From Firefighter to a member of the French SAS's elite Parachute Special Forces Regiment, I went through anger and frustration to peace and satisfaction. My experiences became the catalyst for a great change.

This process is not for the faint of heart; it is usually highly destructive, and incredibly lonely at first. Like a test pilot you literally learn to “FLY” your life. This takes incredible courage and vigilance. You must break free from the prison of your own mind and the minds of others. However, take heart: If this journey is really for YOU, you will find great support and allies here. This is not just a study, but an Impeccable Warrior’s Way of Life.

Learn HOW to speak your TRUTH - Not the Bullshit from your mind

“Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.”

Tyler Durden - Fight Club

Blair Thurston

I am so happy to be writing this review because I think that anybody wanting to experience breathwork or deepen their self-awareness through human design should go see Ben. Where to even begin... Ben is a FORCE. He is an incredibly powerful healer with a wealth of knowledge and a profound dedication to his craft. He has mastered the art of living his design and is so passionate about helping others achieve the same level of freedom that he has found for himself. He cares deeply about his clients and has the ability to help you achieve whatever results you are looking for in your life. During my human design reading, he identified nuances in my chart that I had never understood before and totally blew my mind. I left feeling super special, unique, seen, and with a clearer understanding of how to truly live my design. Since that reading, money has been flowing to me, I was offered a job I wasn't even looking for, and opportunities appear to be falling in my lap. Living a life in alignment is an amazing feeling.

Sia Di, Author & Tantric Healer Coach

An amazing human being! His coaching has helped me understand more about who I am and to be where I am right now, self-confidence, fearless, acceptance, self-love, etc. Which is pretty awesome!!

Nina Elise, Author, Yoga Teacher

I did the 30 minute guided Breathwork from the course yesterday... it was intense! The deepest I’ve gone in Breathwork yet. I cried many times, and my hands were cramped and tingly for 20+ minutes after. I ended up taking a nap after because of the intensity of it!  And I just finished the 45 minute... Lots of emotional releases! Crying. Shaking. Toning. I let go of a lot of stuff, at the end I felt light and FREE! Like I had been holding onto things, and the blocks were cleared.

Thank you for creating this course, it’s been so powerful and I’m not even halfway through it!

BenLifeChanger is an Experience, waking Humans from the Dream and illusion of Mind
A Modern Quantum Galactic Shamanic Healing, to experience the program,
the Matrix, the illusion of life called the Maya

It starts where all practice starts:
with self-reliance, inspiration, discipline, continuity, willpower, personal resilience
a yearning to grow, to live as yourself and a huge desire to thrive.
It is a frequency, a practice, a real transformation in all the aspects and areas of your life.

The work has 4 core component:
The Human Design System ° BreathWork ° Spirit Consciousness ° Mastering the Force 

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes…Remember… all I’m offering is the truth Nothing more.”

- Morpheus

Joshua Claassens, Entrepreneur

It’s interesting... consultations with Ben is like being with a Jedi Master; you feel connected to the Force. Only that the Force is your True Self. Once you see through the lenses of the Human Design system you see YOU! And frankly, it is difficult to go back to being a sheep after you have seen the lion inside.

Bria Nanda, Natural & Psychic Healer

Reading was extremely accurate!! Helped me to gain clarity on where to put my focus in life to better achieve my goals. I learned why certain methods were not working for me. I strongly recommend Ben! His coaching will change your life!

Olivier John Maxted, Sound Healer

Ben has such a depth of understanding and compassion as regards the human psyche. He has helped me move through a number of issues which were holding me back from fully expressing myself through my work. 

Every courses have been built at different deepest level to answers these problematics

  • Identity Crisis
  • Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred
  • How to let go the control and surrender to what is
  • To find Direction, Love & Identity
  • To reconnect with yourself
  • To consistently make correct decisions
  • To enjoy stress-free decision making
  • How to live as yourself
  • How can you Broadcast a correct frequency/Vibration and keep it high
  • How to protect yourself from negative influence
  • How to live and operate out of fear, insecurities, unworthy feelings, doubts, confusion
  • Help you to reach SATISFACTION, SUCCESS, PEACE
  • Get your timing right
  • Understand your unique characteristics and considerably increase your relationships
  • Be confident in your uniqueness and with yourself
  • Recognize & overcome negative conditioning
  • Live and Love without fear
  • And so on